0378 MDF14 Carpet Chassis

Made of 7075 T6 extremely flat and hard aluminum which gives more weight to the MDF14 causing the center of mass and stiffness to move down slightly and consequently contributing to more stiffness and composure of the MDF14 on surfaces with extreme grip conditions.

0251G y 0251 MDF Compensator

The Second lateral compensator which will make the compensators work both in compression and expansion on both sides of the curves by providing a symmetrical behavior on both supports.

03710 MDF14 Optional steering

Together with the optional steering system, the servo is located in the central area of the chassis and more shifted towards the rear, moving the weight towards the rear axle assembly thus providing greater traction. Steering is also improved as there is a greater forward movement of weight during braking .

0371 MDF14 Hard top deck

System to limit torsion of the chassis in high grip conditions.

03712 MDF14 Steering Tensor kit

Tensioner for front wheels which transmits a greater rigidity of the front chassis on twisty circuits.

0379 MDF14 carbon fiber reinforce for top arms kit

Reinforced 0379 MDF14 carbon fiber kit for top arms. 1.5mm thick Carbon fiber reinforcements which provide greater rigidity to the upper arms giving a more constant and accurate drive on high grip curves.

0967 MDF Carbon lateral links kit

Carbon lateral links MDF 0967 kit, links made of 2.5mm thick carbon fiber which provide greater rigidity to the chassis assembly which provide more precise changes on the side supports of the curves.

The design team of MD racing rc has created a range of optional parts for the most demanding drivers. Thus, the MDF14 a very precise machine and adapted to the different conditions required by the pilot.