MDF14 Gold Edition


The 1/10 Formula MDF14 is a scale model F1 car designed by and for pilots, based on the dynamic calculations of engineers who have been forged from the formula student competition where resources must be squeezed out to maximize effectiveness and dynamics. Moreover, all these attributes have been tested by our pilots during the development process in which the MDF14 has worked its way up to becoming a serious rival on the track.

The MDF14 has been designed using only high quality materials in both the manufacturing process and finishing touches to provide a meticulous and detailed presentation.

A quality product can only be achieved with a strict quality control which consists of applying strict controls to every single manufacturing process of our products. The design is not only controlled by the engineer assigned to design a piece but also to engineers, pilots and the MD racing rc management as a group, starting with the selection of materials used and ending with the thorough inspection of every piece prior to packaging. The result of such methodology is that MD racing rc has created the MDF14 2016 edition as a premium product in its sector.

The MDF14 2016 Edition is the apex of engineers, pilots and MD racing rc management which has provided a car that has more than proved to be fast and stable on the track, and even more so, reliable in every possible way. The MDF14 has shown a gentle behavior due to its reliability which allows the pilot to push the car to its limits of performance, making it very fast and stable under all the different track conditions.

The MDF14 has been designed to minimize pilot workload when it comes down to finding its ideal setup, as it has been designed to allow the pilot to set up the MDF14 easily and quickly without the need to disassemble elements of the car.