Gabor Forrai will be MD racing Rc driver one more year!

Our Md racing rc Driver gabor Forrai will be our driver for one sesson more!!! wellcome another year!!! Gabor's commentary: I chose for racing MD Racing Formula car for the upcoming season. This will be my 3rd year with the Team MD. I’m very happy and satisfied with the car and the team. As I took apart of developing the car, I’m very proud to see, that it is getting better and better and more competitive in the strong formula class.



Last weekend was the last race of the Andalucia Touring Series in Spain. Our MD racing RC driver Daniel Rubio was the winner of this Championship. We want to thank every Andalucian MD drivers for their great job done in Andalucia. A special thanks goes to Dani Rubio: Thank you for giving us, MD Racing RC, another big Victory in Andalucia (Spain). Go MD racing RC!! Go!!!